Kingsford School

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Room 9 Car Colour Survey

Picture1On the first day back after the Easter Holidays all the children in Room 9 went out to do a car colour survey.  First of all we decided which colours we would probably see: Silver, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, White and also all other colours.  Then we split into two groups.  Mrs Davis took her group to the other side of the road and counted the cars going down the hill.  Mr Roach’s group stood on the playing field and counted the cars coming up the hill.  We recorded the results using a tally chart.  When we were back in the classroom we shared our results and drew a graph.  Guess which colour there was most of?Picture 2

It was white – 21 cars, then black, then silver then blue.  Red and Other colours were the same and yellow was the least – only 2.