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What was the Roman Army?

Roman2Room 8 were busy learning about the life of the Roman Army and produced some fantastic work throughout their Roman topic.

We made mini shields so that we could see how the Romans stood in battle formation, especially for The Repel Cavalry and The Tortoise!
Designing a standard that the standard bearer of the army could carry was good fun and we all made the pole, the golden eagle and the flag. These are on display in our classroom.

Aswell as all the work we did in school the Topic Challenge for homework was super! We made our own posters about the Romans, mostly aboutRoman6 the Roman Army, Romulus and Remus, the Roman numerals and Boudicca. We  proudly displayed our posters and all of our Roman work in the classroom and invited our parents in to see what we had been busy doing.  They even had a chance to become a town planner for a Roman town under our guidance.  This was fun and we enjoyed being able to teach our parents and grandparents!

Roman3A highlight for this topic was Room 8 and Mrs Munro trying to teach Miss Kingston to read a poem for Robert Burn’s Day about a Roman Sodger – what a challenge!