Room 10 visit Maritime Museum!!!

Room 10 visited the Maritime Museum, we arrived at the school at the normal time and we took the bus at 9;20 and we arrived at the museum around 9;35. We meet a woman and then we went up to the private room and we discussed some materials  that were used to make the Titanic and we saw what they used to find the Titanic in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Then we had our snack so after our snack we went into our groups and we got a sheet and then we went around the museum. We saw some horrible medicines. We saw some awesome technology like the ROV to find the Titanic under the sea.  When we were done a bell would ring and then we would go back to the private room. We got our jackets on and we went back to the school at lunch time and Room 10 were amazed at the things we saw at the museum.

By Leyton and George