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Bikeability Level 1 Graduates 2018 🎓

Congratulations to this year’s Bikeability Level 1 Graduates!

Bikeability is a cycling training scheme designed to give children the skills and confidence they need to cycle safely on the roads and to encourage them to carry on cycling into adulthood. After all, cycling is a healthy, cost efficient, environmentally-friendly and fun way to get about.

Bikeability has three levels. These P5 pupils have worked very hard throughout this term to complete Level 1. Level 1 takes places in the playground and aims to develop their balance and control required for Level 2 which take place on quiet roads.

Hopefully, these graduates will complete Level 2 during their first term as P6s.

Every year the Craig Buchanan Award is presented to a pupil who has shone throughout the lessons or has made a huge amount of progress. It is a really tough decision to pick only one pupil so they must have given 100% effort and always come prepared with their helmet. The winner gets to keep the Star Trophy at home for one academic year and the plaque stays in school on display. Both are engraved. Well done to this year’s winner.