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A visitor in Room 3!

This term in Room 3 we have been learning all about space. So far we have learned about the sun, the moon and the earth and how they all work together to give us night and day. We have also been learning about some famous astronauts including Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon!

We also had an unscheduled arrival one playtime a few weeks ago. We came back from the playground to find that none other than an ALIEN had crash landed and made his way into our classroom leaving a trail of glitter behind him!

With a note, he introduced himself as Q Pootle 5 and asked that we look after him until he has managed to get hold of a working spaceship.

During the week he keeps himself occupied, learning new sounds and sums with P2, but at the weekend he gets lonely so has been visiting the homes of some of the boys and girls from our class. So far he has been home with Theo and Millie who have both written about their weekends in his journal, which he keeps so he can tell his family all about his time on Earth when he eventually makes it home!

Keep your eyes peeled, Earthlings, Q Pootle 5 could be coming to visit you this weekend!