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Basketball Team for 2018-2019

Congratulations to the children in P6 & P7 who have earned themselves a place on this year’s Basketball Team! About 40 children attended two trials, before the October holidays, for only 18 places. The children had to demonstrate their ability to pass, dribble & shoot during drills. In games we looked for pupils to could attack, defend, communicate and work as a team.

The Kingsford Cobras train every Thursday after school, 3:15-4:15pm.

The team plays in the Aberdeen City Primary Basketball Festival which has a game each month held at Aberdeen Grammar School.  This year, the Kingsford Cobra’s are one of five Aberdeen Primary Schools, playing the a brand new league run by Basketball Scotland in association the the Jnr NBA. Each month there will be a match at the new Lochside Academy. This an exciting opportunity for the staff and pupils involved which may lead to the Kingsford Cobras playing schools from across Scotland!

Some of the team have already played in the first festival at Aberdeen Grammar.  The team did Kingsford proud winning both of their games, against Skene Square & Gilcomstoun primaries, with only one training session under their belts beforehand. Keep up the fantastic work!