P1 Literacy – Wednesday 25th March

Learning Intention: We are learning to use adjectives (describing words)

Write a description for one of the animals you can find in a zoo, but don’t name the animal. Send a picture of your writing or work with your adult to type the description and send it to your teacher and see if they can guess which animal you have described!
Adjectives could be about size, colour, feel, what it looks like, what it sounds like, etc.

Success Criteria:
– I can use at least 5 adjectives (descriptive words).
– I can include capital letters.
– I can include full stops.

Here is an example (This animal will not be found in a zoo, but can you guess what it is?)

It has soft, fluffy fur. This animal is quite small, it would probably only reach half way up your shin. It has two ears that are shaped like triangles. This animal has two big, round eyes. It has a long, soft, fluffy tail. This animal has thin, grey whiskers on its face. This animal sometimes makes a purring and meowing sound.

Submitting Photo on Computer:
– Open the assignment.
– Click ‘Add’.
– Choose ‘File’. Find and select photo in file.
– Once loaded, press submit.

Submitting Photo using Tablet/Phone:
– Go to assignment and click on ‘Your Work’.
– Click ‘add attachment’.
– Take or select a photo.
– Once loaded, press submit.

Videos have been included below to demonstrate how to submit.

NOTE: The San Diego Zoo website has great games and activities to extend your child’s learning. The videos are better viewed in the afternoon due to the time difference.