P3 Literacy – Wednesday 25th March

Practise your listening skills today by listening to an audio book.

Go to stories.audible.com (no log in or payment needed) and find the story ‘Stone Soup’ (under ‘Littlest Listeners’)

Listen to the story and think carefully about the characters and events that take place. What was your opinion of the story? Did you like or dislike it? Why? What did you think about the two travellers? Were they kind people?

Use your jotter to write a couple of sentences about your opinion of the story. Remember to check for capital letters, full stops and commas and explain WHY you have these opinions.

When you are finished, use one of the blank pages in your jotter to design your own book cover for the story.

Remember to check if you have been successful:
* I can share whether I like or dislike an audio book and explain why.
* I can remember to write sentences with capital letters, full stops and commas.
* I can draw my own book cover for ‘Stone Soup.’

Please click ‘submit’ when you have finished your work so that we know it has been completed. You can also upload a picture of your work if you would like.