P3 Numeracy – Wednesday 25th March

On Monday and Tuesday you practised finding halves (1/2) and quarters (1/4) of numbers like 1/4 of 16 is 4

When you added two of the quarters together you found that 2/4 of 16 is 8.
1/2 of 16 is also 8
So we know that 1/2 and 2/4 are the same.

Today you are going to have a go at finding 1 or 2 quarters of a shape.
Open the drawing below called Fraction Flag.
Choose one of the flags and, with a ruler if possible, copy it into your jotter on a blank page.
Make it nice and big – if you would like a challenge then choose the one with more boxes.

This is going to be your flag.
Count the number of boxes on your flag.
Find a quarter (1/4) of this number.
Colour 1/4 of your flag red.
Colour 1/4 of your flag yellow.
Colour 2/4 of your flag green.
*boxes of the same colour don’t have to be next to each other – see what jazzy design you can make for your flag while sticking to the fractions given*

Once you have done one flag, you could have a go at another. You could draw flags with more boxes – 5 rows of 8 boxes, 6 rows of 8 boxes, 4 rows of 12 boxes – for more of a challenge! The more boxes, the more interesting the design you could make.

If you can, take a picture of one of your flags and upload it when you submit.

Before you submit check that:
– I know how to share a number into halves or quarters
– I know that 1/2 = 2/4
– I have coloured at least one flag, sticking to the fractions given