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National Numeracy Day

It’s national numeracy day. Here is a link to a website with lots of exciting videos and activities to try  

Helpful book

Here is a link to a book to help explain to children why we are in the situation we are in just now.  There is also a permanent link to…

In the papers!

Two pupils have drawn over 40 pictures to cheer up people live in sheltered housing complexes near where they live. Well done girls.

Kickboxing success!

Well done for passing your grading and moving up a belt! Fantastic news.

An author in our midst!

One of our staff members, Mrs Morrison, has written a story to help her grandchildren understand why they can’t see her right now.  Please feel free to share this story…

Nursery Update – May 1st

It is difficult to believe it is May already!! The nursery staff send their best wishes to all nursery pupils and their families. We have been updating the nursery webpage…