Headteacher Welcome

Headteacher - Kingsford School

Audrey Walker

Dear Parents

I hope that during your child’s time here with us we will have many opportunities to meet and work together.

Our school is keen to carry on the long and happy association already established with both our parent body and our local community. I am sure you will agree that this positive relationship between home and school is essential if your child is to derive maximum benefit from her/his nursery and primary education.

As parents you have a depth of knowledge about your child which we would like you to share with us. This valuable information will help us to understand your child better and ensure that we create the most suitable experiences for her/him.

You are always welcome at Kingsford School as together we have important roles to play in ensuring the best possible education for your child.

The safety of our pupils and staff is very important to us so we would ask all parents and visitors to school to please use the pedestrian walkway and always enter and leave the school building by the main door next to the school office.

This Information Pack has been produced to provide you with information that we hope you will find useful. In it we share curricular matters as well as useful organisational and administrative details about our school. As many of the details are subject to change from time to time we are presenting the information in loose-leaf form so that individual pages may be updated as required and all communications from school can be kept together for your reference. Please keep this pack in a safe place!

Our school sends home regular Newsletters (remember to check those schoolbags every night!) and Parents’ Notice Boards are situated in the main entrance foyer and in the Nursery entrance. Newsletters can also be read online.

If I have not met you already then I look forward to meeting you personally in the near future.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Audrey I Walker

Head Teacher