Interviewing room 5

In room 5 they are doing a topic about India. They also have been doing some maths. Some people are enjoyng hip hop. Room 5 has a new person called…

What was the Roman Army?

Room 8 were busy learning about the life of the Roman Army and produced some fantastic work throughout their Roman topic. We made mini shields so that we could see…

The Fun Run

I went to watch the fun run.  The fun run gym teachers gave them notes from Kingsford, Hazlehead and loads more.  Kingsford won the P4 race because of Sam.  Noah and Leo…

Thursday lunchtime Reading Group with Mrs Duncan

Pupils at Kingsford enjoying reading in the Library during Thursday lunchtimes with Mrs Duncan.  

Reading Group working with Mrs Duncan

We are experimenting with using games on an iPad to support our learning.

Spelling with Mrs Duncan

Great effort today with your spelling girls!

Thursday lunchtime Reading Group using Wordshark

Wordshark is a fun way to practise reading and spelling skills.

Room 9 Car Colour Survey

On the first day back after the Easter Holidays all the children in Room 9 went out to do a car colour survey.  First of all we decided which colours…

What happens in the Water Cycle?

Room 8 have been very busy this term learning the terminology about the Water Cycle and what happens to the water to make in fall as rain, hail, sleet or…

Watching the Solar Eclipse

When we watched the solar eclipse it was awsome.  Jack brought in some solar eclipse glasses so we don’t hurt our eyes and Mr Roach showed it on a whiteboard behind…