Counting in twos and fives

Primary two have been thinking creatively to help them count in twos and fives and have been using their toys and shoes to do this!  

Home Bakery

One of our pupils set up a home bakery. This helped him to use coins to pay for his treats!

Taking time to reflect!

An acrostic poem written by one of our primary six pupils, well done!

Cybersafe Scotland

Cybersafe Scotland are running the below event.  Please join us for a Facebook Live on how to keep children and young people safe online in Aberdeen on Thursday 14th May 2020,…

National Numeracy Day

It’s national numeracy day. Here is a link to a website with lots of exciting videos and activities to try  

Responding to Adverts

The P4s have had a great discussion on their Classroom Stream to kick-off their learning on persuasive writing in print adverts.  The pupils enjoy their frequent Stream discussions on various…