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Well done to our P4s who finished in 5th place overall for the Aberdeen City Sumdog competition.  We are so proud of you.

Magic Mathematicians

A huge congratulations to our P4 classes who were in first place in the Aberdeen City Sumdog contest on Tuesday 19th May!! 

Counting in twos and fives

Primary two have been thinking creatively to help them count in twos and fives and have been using their toys and shoes to do this!  

Home Bakery

One of our pupils set up a home bakery. This helped him to use coins to pay for his treats!

P4ZC ventured into second level territory measuring angles

Once the children were confident in identifying angles obtuse, acute, reflex, right, etc.), they wanted to challenge themselves further and learn how to use a protractor to measure angles. Mrs…

P4ZC Math/Valentine Fun

Following in the footsteps of P4JR, we also drew these cool 3D hearts. We first doubled a heap of numbers on the second rows. Then we had to carefully use…

The Mathematical Art of Love

The children were tasked with doubling the numbers up to 60 and then drawing straight lines with a ruler between the number and its double as written around the circle….

Problem Solving in P4JR

While many minds may be beginning to switch off on Friday afternoons, the children in P4JR face some problem solving challenges. Last week the children were trying to hop 6…

P4ZC Trialling our new Numeracy Blueprint Whiteboards Part 2

It was huge thumbs up from P4ZC after our first trial with our numeracy blueprint whiteboards. Thank you Mrs Walker and Mrs Watt for letting us trial them in P4ZC!…