Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


Welcome back to a another amazing term

In Room 11 we are studying World War 1.  We have had a lot of fun learning about WW1, especially Trenches.

For homework we had two weeks to build a trench model and then we got to share our trenches with the whole school.  We also showed the classes a short video and we sang a little song so they could learn more about WW1.

Here are the lyrics to the song we made up:

So Imagine The Scene Your Shooting A Guy And Three Wise Rats Come Strolling By. They Stop At Your At Your Feet And Nibble Your Toes But That’S Not As Bad As Lice In Your Clothes.

We hope you enjoyed our summary of last term. We wish you the best of luck in 2016 and hope you had good holiday. 

By Mckenzie And Tara.