Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


Helping P2’s Make a Story

Yesterday, at 11:00 the Room 8 P4’s were helping the P2’s in Room 6 to write a story.  We were going to be working in Room 6 but it was too squished so we split into two groups, one group stayed in Room 6, my partner and I went with the group to room 8.  It was cool, ace and amazing. I would love to do it again.  I love being a teacher.


On Tuesday 4th September at 11:00am we went to Room 6 to do some work.  Our work was to write a story in order.  Mrs Walker asked me to pick a partner then we held hands and skipped to Room 8.  After that we made a story called ‘Cici and the bike trouble’.  My partner thought of most of the words so she was on the spot when we got back to Room 6 and listened to each others stories.  I thought everyone did well.