Kingsford School

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Creative Writing

Already this term the P4 children in Room 8 have been busy writing instructions and reports as well as a weekly diary and chapter reviews for our class topic ‘The Bookshop Girl’.  So much work but no story writing, until now.  To help get the creative ideas flowing the children collaborated in their planning by writing down names of characters, suggested story locations, dialogue and the main event/what happened next.

However they only wrote one part at a time and then folded the paper so  their contribution was hidden before passing on the paper to a friend who then contributed the next part of the story before folding the paper over and passing it on and so on. Thus everyone contributed to the planning of many stories without knowing what had been written before or what was going to happen next.

The results were hilarious, cringe worthy and shocking and brought much inspiration to the budding authors who went on to write very amusing short stories.  But the inspiration didn’t end there; in the current chapter of The Bookshop Girl, Property Jones (the star of the story) has found a really old book, supposedly written by Shakespeare himself and so the children in Room 8 (with the assistance of Mrs Buchanan and some damp tea bags) made their own really old paper to write their own stories onto.