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Room 13’s WW1 Topic draws to a close

Throughout Term 1, Room 13 have explored World War 1 as their class topic.

They have looked at some of the key countries and leaders involved and what life was like for both the soldiers at war and the families left at home. They have also explored the trenches and how soldiers felt when being recruited for the war compared to actually going into battle. One of Room 13’s highlights this term has been listening to the Private Peaceful audio-book on the BBC School’s Radio channel. Please feel free to check it out – it’s free to listen to after signing up!

Primary 6 have approached this topic sensitively and have shared their thoughts and opinions about the war during class discussions very maturely. The attached pictures demonstrate just how busy Room 13 have been in Art with Mrs Abercromby!

Well done Primary 6! I look forward to seeing your model tranches at the end of the month (Due date: Wednesday 31st October). Remember, if you need to borrow any materials then please let us know.