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Blasting off in Room 3

As part of our space topic this term, Room 3 (along with our resident alien; Q Pootle 5, and 5 fab parent helpers!) took a trip to Aberdeen Science Centre during National Space Week, to see some space science in action. During our time there we had chance to look around the exhibition floor where we spotted some familiar faces that we had seen in class!



We found lots of pictures and information about Tim Peake, the British astronaut who worked on the International Space Station, as well as many other astronauts from other countries.

We also had the chance to try our hand operating robots, similar to those which would be found on the International Space Station, to pick things up and move them around.



A large part of the exhibition was about how some machines used under the sea are similar to those used in space and some of us had the chance to do some dressing up! We think, though, that we might have to wait a while until we fit into these work clothes!



The science centre also put on a space show for us which taught us lots about what it would be like to be in space. We learned what would happen if we went outside without wearing a space suit and how astronauts go to the toilet – not very glamorous!

We all had a fantastic morning and learned lots which we can take back to school and continue to learn even more about space!