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My Paragraph About Adventure Aberdeen

Every Wednesday I go to Adventure Aberdeen, and it’s really fun. Every time there’s a different thing we do, first week we did some activities at the school, second week was biking but I didn’t have a bike so I didn’t go (I also forgot to bring in the Adventure Aberdeen letter). Third week was gorge walking but I didn’t go. The next week I was finally brave enough to go surfing and it was really fun. We got surfing boards and went on the water. The week after we did orienteering, we had to find 9 things around the park and we had a map to navigate us into the things, when we got half of them, we went to a garden. The week after that we did kayaking and it was my favourite thing we did yet, I also learned how to do kayaking from that. Next time we went to a forest and we made a fire, later we got marshmallows and we ate them when we cooked them, we also got hot chocolate if we wanted to drink it.

My last week of Adventure Aberdeen in term 1 was really fun, I liked it as much as kayaking, we did sand boarding. Sand boarding was pretty fun, we went on a high hill and then we went down on the boards, there was a couple injuries too, if you go too fast, you might hurt your back. at the front of the board, you have this thing to put your feet on, if your feet stop holding it you could get injured.

Adventure Aberdeen is really fun, and you have to be pretty lucky to get in, there are only 2 groups and each have less than 10 people, Adventure Aberdeen also made me more brave to do things like we did there.