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70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights- P4, R14


As part of our Bounce Back lesson, Room 14 has been working on the concept of identity, respecting our differences, and what it all means to us.   So….it was the best timing when we found out last week that we could enter a competition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We just found out the amazing news that Room 14’s own Kamila, Oyin, and Heidi have been HIGHLY COMMENDED and are invited with their families to a special ceremony where the Lord Provost will award their certificates!

Kirsty, Alex, Brogan, Cyril, Kayden, and Jemimah have been COMMENDED, which also speaks to the quality of their work! However, the judges were so impressed with our entries that ALL Room 14 pupils will be getting their own special UN certificates!

We’ve also been invited to display all the entries at the United Nations House in Edinburgh and on their website

We’re all just so proud of Room 14’s 23 superstars!

Oyin’s winning prose entry:

The most important human rights to me are having clean water, having clothes, having a name, being treated nicely and not to be abused, having time to sleep, to be heard and to be cared for.  I think these are important because everybody needs rights so they can be healthy and can be safe and cared for.

The most important right to me is that I have a home because many people don’t have homes.