Kingsford School

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Ancient Greece

The children in Room 8 have been learning about Ancient Greece during term 2.  We learned that some boys had to join the army aged just 7!  Also that the Greeks invented democracy where everyone got a vote, well not everyone: slaves, foreigners and women weren’t allowed to vote.  Girls also didn’t get to go to school.  We also learnt that the Olympics were invented in Greece, in a place called Olympus. the athletes competed naked and women were not allowed to watch.  If they were caught sneaking in they could be thrown off a cliff!

As well as building Greek temples and doing floating and sinking experiments inspired by Archimedes in a bath and shouting Eureka we heard a lot of ancient Greek myths where the men always were brave and the women beautiful.  There were also a lot of mythical creatures and Gods and Goddesses getting up to all sorts of mischief.  One of our favourite myths was that of Perseus and the Gorgon.  Mrs Abercromby helped us make a huge Medusa head for our classroom wall but don’t worry although it’s mighty and a little scary, unlike the real head ours won’t turn you to stone!