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P1 Gymnastics with Mrs MacBeath


P1 at Kingsford started to learn some basic rolls, balances and jumps in gymnastics with Mrs MacBeath before the long weekend in February. Pupils got to experience a variety of equipment such as the springboard to get themselves up onto the cube. The children to got jump off the cube with the aim of landing on their feet (not needing to use their hands and knees as well). Ladders from the climbing frame were added to the agility tables. Pupils tried to climb up backwards using their hands and feet. Pupils slid down the benches which were also attached to the agility tables. At the end of the benches they tried to hold a plank balance where their elbows were on the mat and feet on the bench, tensing their tummy muscles to hold this position. Pupils forward rolled down our gymnastics wedge then hopped along the bench. Next the children ducked through the hoops and pencil rolled before finishing on our rainbow balance beam.

Unfortunately, the children have stopped gymnastics earlier than expected this term. However, this is due to a fabulous opportunity – Aberdeenshire Cricket Club, based in Mannofield, were able to work with P1 to deliver the All Stars Cricket programme for 5-8 years olds. This was too good an opportunity to turn down. The children will experience more gymnastics in P2 and beyond. Hopefully you enjoy hearing about the cricket skills they have been learning with our club coaches and we’ll try to get photos of them in action on the website soon.