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P6 Sportshall Athletics

Some of our P6 pupils participated in the Sportshall Athletics competition on Monday 25th February 2019 at the Beach Leisure Center. Each child got to participate in two or three track and field events.

The track events were all relay races but each race was different. Some were mini obstacle races including quick steps in ladders, speed bounces and hurdles. Similar to this was the Over/Under Relay which involved jumping over hurdles and going under tunnels. These events were in teams of four with the fastest teams winning. Girls and boys participated in separate races. Other track events were more traditional in nature, some being short distance (one lap per person) and others being longer (three or four laps per person).

The field events were different types of jumping and throwing. The jumping events were long jump and triple jump (both how far) and vertical jump (how high). The throwing events were the chest push and soft javelin, both of which measure how far you can throw.

All of the children gave their best effort and demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the competition by cheering each other on which helped create a really good atmosphere at the event.

For any children who participated and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, Mrs MacBeath has leaflets about joining Aberdeen Athletics Club who training at the Sports Village. Please ask Mrs MacBeath if you would like more info/copy of the leaflet.