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Netball Match at Hazlehead Academy 28/02/2019

Well done to the nine players in Kingford’s Netball Team who played Cults Primary at Hazlehead Academy on Thursday 28th February 2019. No score was kept since this match was a friendly (non-competitive match). However, it would be fair to say that Cults were the stronger team. Cults had a team who were all in P7 and had been training for a few years. Kingsford’s team was made up of P5-7 to pupils.

The umpire commented that Kingsford improved each quarter.

There are four quarters in a Netball match. Each quarter the players are rotated on and off. At any one time there are seven players on court. We took nine players along so there were always two children waiting to go for the next quarter.

The court at the Academy is much bigger than the one at Kingsford. The gave the team plenty of space (which took a little bit of getting used too!).

Thank you very much to umpiring for overseeing the game and to the parents who helped with lifts to and from the match.