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P4 Golf Lesson Number 2 – Chipping

P4 had their second golf lesson on Thursday 6th June with Fraser from King’s Links Golf Club. The pupils recapped on what they had learned about putting, in the first week, through some warm up games in small groups. This week, they learned how to chip the ball.

Pupils took turns to chip the ball over the turned benches. If the ball went over the bench and then hit one of the red cones in the center, they were allowed to collect the cone and take it back to their team. The team with the most cones was the winning team. With practise, the children became better at judging how much power to play in their shot, i.e. enough to get it over the bench and towards a cone but not too much that it went over the next row of benches and past all the cones.

The children had to keep themselves and others safe by standing far behind the person taking the shot and when it was their turn, not to swing the club too high. The pupils had to listen carefully for when it was safe to retrieve their ball. The children have been learning some golf jargon – “Fore!” shouted to warn people that a ball is coming their way and to look out, crouch down, cover their head etc.

Hopefully the weather is nicer next week and the classes can go outside to learn about the full swing which requires a lot more space than inside the gym.