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P2 PE Terms 1 & 2

P2 PE – Terms 1 & 2 – Team possession/invasion games

The children in P2 have experienced a variety of team possession/invasion games – sports where they want to keep possession of the ball and invade the other team’s space in order to score.

Last term, the children worked at stations, usually in pairs, to develop their dribbling and passing in Football, Basketball, Hockey & Rugby. The children will be continuing with these sports on Thursday mornings so that they can put these skills into small sided / adapted games.

Letters have been sent home to notify parents/guardians which activity their child has enjoyed the most. Contact details for local Football, Basketball, Hockey & Rugby clubs were on the letter in case your child wishes to continue one of these outside of school.

P2CP also experienced introductory volleyball during on Wednesday afternoons. P2RM also experience introductory tennis on Friday afternoons. These activities will be replaced with dance later during term 2.