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P4 co-learning is fun!

...and so is co-teaching! Mrs Zem and Mr Roach already teach French and Science to each other’s classes.  They also enjoy bringing the classes together as much as possible for the children to work together as a year group.  One exciting technology project the P4s are working on is to develop an app and enter a competition run by the University of Aberdeen Business School.  Shhhhh it’s top secret. Wait for Part 1 of the competition in the children’s homework on Monday and ask them about it.

The photos speak for themselves – the room was abuzz with excitement and lots of fantastic ideas. The groups had to come up with ideas, then nominate one child from the groups to tell everyone their ideas. We were so impressed with the amazing conversations happening around the class, and how the children explained their ideas to everyone.  We’re looking forward to selecting the best entries for the competition!