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Science in P4

Science is all about trying to find answers to questions and then asking more questions.

The question in science this week was: “If you don’t know which packet it came from, can you tell the flavour of a crisp?”

The children were mostly confident they could and planned a great investigation to find out the answer.  In order to create a fair test, the crisps were all from the same brand.  They were all presented to the tasters on identical plates and the tasters didn’t all eat from the same plate at the same time so as to not be swayed by each others ideas.  The tasters also didn’t know which flavours were on offer.  After a couple of crisps many of the tasters realised they needed to rinse their mouths out to prevent cross contamination of flavours – and for thirst as all the crisps were really salty.

This experiment was more delicious for some than others, with plate 6 being disliked by most.

The answer?  Yes, mostly.  Salt and Vinegar, Ready Salted and Cheese & Onion were the easiest flavours to distinguish.  While the meatier flavours of Roast Chicken, Smokey Bacon and Beef & Onion were the most likely to be confused.

Plate 6 was Prawn Cocktail.