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Parathantyam Dance Lesson

By Hannah and Neha

In  P4JR we learned how to do  Parathanatyam  in the school hall.  We taught the whole P4JR.  First we taught them how to say hello in Hindi.

Parathantyam is  a Hindi dance.

Then Mr Roach was doing parthantyam with the class!

Some students were struggling to do the simple steps.

Then we taught some symbols.

Everyone was paying attention to what we were doing and how we are doing the dance.

We might even show  parthantyam with a song.

We taught them how to do some poses.

The children  did fantastic for there first time doing Parathantyam

Congratulations to to all P4JR students and ………….Mr Roach!!!!

Hannah and Neha  taught them.