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Have a great holiday everyone! 😊 I know it will be very different to what you would normally do during school holidays. Here are some things you could do:
– Help out at home;
– Ring your family members that you cannot see/visit.
– Watch TV;
– Watch movies;
– Read books;
– Play a board game;
– Play a computer game or game console;
– Paint/Draw pictures;
– Be creative;
– Learn to cook a meal;
– Bake a tasty treat;
– Write a really long story for me to read;
– Create a wordsearch for someone (or for me);
– Create an obstacle course for your family;
– Talk to each other;
– Write me an email to tell me what you are doing…

Thank you for your hard work. You always make me smile and laugh but you did a brilliant job doing this over the past 2 weeks! I was especially smiling at all of the work you sent me, the work I saw on Google Classroom and the photos you sent of you doing Challenges and Learning – a massive Well Done to you all. 😊

Enjoy your holiday time at home staying safe. Look after yourselves and be kind to your brothers and sisters, your parents and everyone in your families.

I look forward to welcoming you back to our “Classroom” here on Tuesday 21st April. 👩‍🏫

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe,
Miss Kingston