Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


What happened on Pudsey Day

web pudsey coinsweb pudsey shortbreadThis morning when we got to school we met Mr. Roach and he gave us a bucket and a camera to go round all the classes with.  We had to collect all the £1’s and take pictures of the classes in the senior end.  There were some amazing spotty outfits.  After that we went to classes and told them to come up to the library and bring any loose change with them to put on our GIANT Pudsey picture.  Our aim was to try to fill the GIANT Pudsey with 2p’s, 10p’s, 5p’s and 1p’s.  By lunch time there was a mountain of change covering Pudsey.  Then we took a recycling bag and filled it with the loose change.

Over lunchtime, while we enjoyed the Pudsey Shortbreads.

Later on there was Stage Praise and we told everyone how much we had raised.  In total we raised £556.88p which is amazing.  We are so proud. And sadly that was the end of Pudsey Day at Kingsford School.  We really enjoyed it and it was very fun.