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The Great P5 Bake Off and future TV presenter!

Click below for a video demonstration to make delicious flapjacks. Making flapjacks

A touch of positivity!

P5 were tasked with an assignment to come up tips for others to help make people happy!

Pop up garden!

One of our P5 pupils hard at work creating their pop up garden.  

Online Celebrity Lessons

We have been so pleased at how the pupils have been engaged with Google classrooms and Education city. For those of you looking for some additional activities, here is a…

A Term in The Life Of P5DR

P5DR was really busy last term with a lot of activities for example Engineering week and Roah Dahld day and many more activities. We have many heroes in our class…

The importance of being social.

The pupils and staff in P5DR believe in the motto work hard, play hard ! We feel that it is important for everyone’s mental health to enjoy some social time…

P5-7 PE during Engineering Week

Pupils in P5 – P7 took a break from their traditional PE activities during Engineering Week to complete Hula Hut Challenges in groups of four or five. Each group was…

Pounds for Primaries – Winners!

A super massive  and HUGE Thank you to everyone in and around the Kingsford School community who collected, counted and donated tokens towards our Pounds for Primaries competition run by…