Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


A Term in The Life Of P5DR

P5DR was really busy last term with a lot of activities for example Engineering week and Roah Dahld day and many more activities. We have many heroes in our class in many subjects but outside of school our teacher Mrs Ryan was a really nice citizen and a heroic person so basically Mrs Ryan was on her bike back home and she saw a lady waving at her Mrs Ryan was really confused so she went up to the lady and the lady told Mrs Ryan that her dog was in a burn so Mrs Ryan went in the burn it was really deep!! And got the dog out, it was really tiny and it was 17 yrs old and was blind.

P5DR have been playing board games every Friday from 2:15 to 3:00 Mrs Ryan decided to add this into our schedule on Friday because she thought that it would help us make new friends and honestly boost our morale P5DR have been having a lot of fun playing board games for example: Cluedo,scrabble,Jenga and many more!

A few months back in the term P5DR celebrated Roah Dahld day in style as we where reading James and The Giant Peach for our class novel we celebrated by making a peach punch and eating a lot of fruit for example Pomegranate,Mango, Lychee and many more fruits it was a amazing day!

P5DR had a blast at engineering week we started of by coloring a Victorian doll house most people made lovely creative drawings! Next we tried to get a ball in a hole with only a few pipes we only got it in a few times! But i’m sure all of us had a really good time.We had a competition on who could build up the most blocks without the tower tipping over it was really intense. After that we made our own machines (human machines) for example my group made a Lemon sherbert factory it was really fun. After that we had our last activity making the strongest tower that could hold up a dictionary with only newspaper it was tough for some groups, but in the end 3\5 groups held up the dictionary it was really fun and it was a team effort that was the best bit about it. Lastly we had a assembly and we did some fun stuff there.  By Rydan