Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


P5-7 PE during Engineering Week

Pupils in P5 – P7 took a break from their traditional PE activities during Engineering Week to complete Hula Hut Challenges in groups of four or five. Each group was given six hula hoops to create their hut. The hut had to have a base, four walls and a roof and must have been able to stand alone.
The children had to work cooperatively, listening to one and other, sharing ideas etc. for the group to be successful.
There were nine levels to complete. Some of the levels included rebuilding the hula hut in silence, rebuilding the hut with a person from the team inside it, everyone taking a turn to crawl through the hut, carrying the hut to another part of the room, ALL WITHOUT IT BREAKING! Level nine involved the children creating a new challenge for another group to complete.
These challenges required pupils to use their problem solving skills and be resilient when the hut kept breaking.
The classes have also been given the chance to play Hula Hut Dodgeball – ask your child about it for how to play.