Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ

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Volunteering at Kingsford

My name is Molly McIntosh and as part of my final year in academy I was given the option to help out at Kingsford every Monday afternoon with Mrs McConnachie’s primary 2/3 class and Wednesday afternoon with Mr Roach’s primary 4 class. With the primary 2/3’s the majority of time is spent improving their writing and getting all their creative ideas developed into stories which is great as I loved story writing at school and there are always such interesting topics and seeing the children’s excitement about writing is great.

web rocketWhen I┬ábegan working with the primary 4’s I was approached by Mr Roach with the task of building a large scale rocket which would initially be hung from the roof. The class pitched in from the start with a few children submitting their designs and a class vote finalizing the “Kingsford 9″‘s design. Over the next month things got messy with liters of glue, paint and piles of paper and sellotape being combined with bins and old boxes to eventually create our magnificent rocket that is sitting pride of place in room 9 ready for launch. I really enjoy working at Kingsford two afternoons a week as the children are always eager to learn, happy to see me and always put a smile on my face.