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Room 9’s Trip to the Art Gallery

web ag01 web ag02 A couple of weeks ago, Room 9 went to the Art Gallery in town.

We had to walk from the school to the nearest bus stop but when we got on the bus their was a baby on too so we all had to be very quiet.

web ag2When we got to the Art Gallery we got told our guides name was Graham. He showed us all of the pictures and told us the stories that the pictures told. One of the pictures told a story about a terrible flood and a family that escaped upĀ on their roof.

There was also a picture that was quite odd because the people or things that were further away were bigger than the things that were closer!

After that we went back to school and thanked Mrs Abercrombie.

Everyone said they had a great day.

A report by a Room 9 pupil on their recent trip to the Aberdeeweb ag1n Art Gallery.web ag6 web ag5 web ag4 web ag3web 4