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Spelling in Room 9

All our spellings this week were related to our topic of Past People and Places.  To help us learn our spellings we tried to write an acrostic for each word and in the acrostic we tried to describe the word.  It was not easy.  We worked all together to begin with and then we worked alone.  What do you think of our acrostics?

People from long ago and

Ancient places share

Secret histories

Told through time

People have different personalities.


Of course they like dogs

Playing happily

Life awaits

Everybody is different in their own way.

Chilly and Mysterious

All dark

Very misty

Enormous size

Really sunny

Over heated


Every day it’s sunny

Everyone likes Egypt

Giant Pyramids

You know they discovered Cleopatra

Past few weeks the people have been uncovering more

Time has gone for some people