Kingsford School

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Cinderella with a twist!!!

On Monday the 25th January, which if you don’t already know is Robbie Burns night, every class in the school was asked(by Mr. Bain) to pick a fairy tale and give it a little Doric twist!!!! Room 11 did Cinderella and two boys(one called Kevin and the other one Liam) where the ugly stepsisters.Paige was Cinderella and Russel was Prince Peter Pawlett, the Stepmother was Leah and the Fairy Godmother was Mckenzie, Peter Pawletts P.A(Personal Assistant) was Alex,  Michael was Peter Pawletts dad and there was lots of narrators such as Matthew, Katie, Tara and Cerys. But no party would be done without Kai the Dj. We decided to speak Doric to make it funny. It was only supposed to be 2 mins but ours lasted 8-9 mins!!! It was a really funny Burns night, hope you had a good one too. 

This picture is of a P7 class performing their Wee Reid Riding Hoodie.

Burns reid hoodie