Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


Aberdeen Football Club Coaching at Kingsford


Kingsford School has been lucky enough to have football lessons with a coach from Aberdeen Football Club, over the course of six weeks this term, through the club’s Redstart Programme. Every Wednesday P2 (RM3 & RM6) and P7 (RM11 & RM12) are coached by Claire from the Club. P6 (RM10 & RM13) & P5 (RM7 & RM8) have also had lesson with Claire whilst the P7s have been on their residential trip and on their academy visit.

P2 have been developing basic football skills (such as dribbling, toe taps and tick tocks) in a fun environment and learning the rules of football in small sided games. Sometimes following these can be harder than they think but they are making progress!

P7 have been developing more complex skills such the volley pass, how to step over and heading the ball. P6 & P7 have played Football Rounders which focused on the fielding team working together and communicating to get the kicking team out. P7 experienced Football Bingo the following week which sets goals for each team to achieve (instead of traditional numbers on a Bingo card). The first team to achieve all of the goals on the Bingo card wins.

Both year groups (P2 & 7) also experienced their own mini World Cup. Each team got to pick a country to represent – the host nation and Iceland were popular choices.

The photos above are of P2 dribbling. Hopefully more photos will follow shortly.