Kingsford School

Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ


Sports Day 2018 – Morning

On Monday 18th June 2018, the pupils of Kingsford School competed in the Kingsford Olympics.

The 14 countries (Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Greece, India, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria and Philippines) participated in 12 stations with the aim of getting as many points as possible at each station. At each station there were two very similar activities – one for P1-3 which is slightly easier than the one for P4-7.

The main thing is all children try their best for the country they are represented. Pupils are encouraged to support one and other.  The children meet in their countries regularly throughout the school year. Siblings are usually in the same team.

This year, the gold medal winners were Bulgaria, silver medal winners Argentina and bronze medal winners the Phillipines.