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Jacque a Dit

Very impressed with some brave students in Room 9. We have been practicing some commands in French and 2 students volunteered to be the teacher in Jacques a Dit (Simon Says) even though it was tricky to remember all the words. Great work guys!


So how Jacques a Dit works is that you learn some french commands then you pick someone as a caller and on and on you say Jacques a Dit Répétez so then its like Simon says . Also I was a caller. Its was really fun and scary cause you kinda forget the words when all the pressure is onto you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. -H.V.G.

Jacques a Dit is Simon says but its French so the teacher says Jacques a Dit and give us a command in French. If teacher say a command without saying Jacques a Dit your out then you sit down on your seat. If the game keeps going for five minutes you win. Sometimes one of the children get to be Jacques a Dit and when you’re Jacques a Dit it’s harder than you think to remember all the commands. Sometimes you can get dojo point’s if you do it for being brave in front of all the children. Sometimes some of the children try to cheat but the teacher catches them and sometimes children catch them. This is one of the commands – Répétez and there’s like 9 commands to remember. When you forget them it is a bit of pressure and your like in your head ‘umm oh no I forgot the commands’ then you keep repeating your self. – by Nicholas

The commands are répétez , regarde, écoute, lisez, and escrive and there are actions for all of them e.g touch your eyes (regarde). Jacques a Dit is also a good way to wake you up sometimes, you just do the actions and the teacher says the word for you. – Aaron