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Force and Friction Science Experiment- P4, R14

How far can a car travel on different surfaces?

In the last week of term 1, R14 conducted a science experiment predicting the effect of force and friction on the motion of toy cars. They were excited to bring in their cars and predict not only which surface their car will travel the furthest on, but also whether their car would go further than their partner’s. They had to give reasons why.  They came up with the materials needed from whatever we had in the classroom, surfaces to experiment on, and we discussed what needed to stay the same (variables) for the experiment to be fair so that we could compare all the results in the end. Students used their knowledge of measurement to record the distance in cm or m using metre sticks and rulers. We have one surface to experiment on as the weather was not cooperating with us that day to go outside! A lot of dojo points were earned that day on teamwork , kindness, and learning how to share our limited space sensibly and safely!  Once all the results are in we’ll be using Google Sheets to create a bar graph in ICT! Watch this space….