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PE: Badminton for P3-P7


This term, the children at Kingsford are experiencing central net games through learning how to play Badminton. A central net game is any game with a net in the center which may or may not involve using a racket. The following games are central net games: volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton and water volleyball.

Pupils in P3 & P4 have been learning on how to serve (backhand) as this skill is required to start the game. Most pupils can now consistently serve over the net. All be it, the net is currently low! However, over the next few weeks the net will be raised, with consideration given to height of pupils, as they become more competent players. It is important for the pupils to experience initial success.

Children from P3 upwards will be working towards being able to rally, with the aim of children in P6 & P7 being able to sustain a rally of longer period of time.

All of the children will learn about the court lines – serving, center, side or end lines and whether they are for singles or doubles matches – and the points system to various degrees depending on their age group.

Children in P3-P5 play with a short hand racket which requires less hand-eye co-ordination and therefore leads to more success. Long hand rackets will be used by some pupils in P6 and most in P7. Pupils are given advice on which racket to select in P6/7 depending on their ability. The main thing is that all children experience the game positively rather than which racket they use.

The classes who have PE with Mrs MacBeath twice a week this term will also experience a second activity. For P5, it’s Cricket and for P6 & P7 the second activity is Football.