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P4/P6 Joint Literacy

Room 14 and Room 10 had such an amazing afternoon today!  The P6s in Room 10 got to showcase their absolutely fantastic comic strips depicting the Shakespearean play of Hamlet.

A pupil from each class was paired up and some of Room 10 came to Room 14, and vice versa.

Then Room 10 pupils got to talk about their Shakespeare Topic and all the work they’ve done on Hamlet, especially that lead to their creation of the comic strips. Then Room 14 pupils got to read their comic strips, ask questions, and give some feedback to their P6 partners. When they were finished, some took the initiative to swap partners, and even¬† make up quizzes based on their comic strips for the P4s to answer.

This is what learning is all about! Children of various ages and abilities engaging with each other.