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Kingsford Road, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen, AB16 6PQ

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P4 Aberdeen Youth Games 24.05.19

P4 pupils attended the Aberdeen Youth Games on Friday 24th May. The event was held at Aberdeen Sports Village. Over 1000 pupils from 42 primary schools attended the event. The pupils from Kingsford participated in Rugby, Badminton and Athletics out of wide range of activities on offer.

Each of the sports had multiple stations/games to keep them very busy:

Rugby – tag rugby, capture the flag and using the tackling bags.
Badminton – serving, rallying, obstacle course and keepie ups.
Athletics – running relays, long jump and javelin.

All of the schools walked round the 400m atheltics track and stopped to do an “Thunder Clap”. Ask your children what this is!

P4, you did Kingsford proud.

Look out for more posts written by the children about their experience at the Aberdeen Youth Games