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P3-7 Road Race Relays 04/06/19

As massive well done to the 24 pupils, in P3-7, who represented Kingsford in the Active Schools Road Run Relay yesterday after school at Hazlehead track. You did us proud!

The first race was P6/7. The P6/7 pupils run 600m each.
After that, it was P4/5 pupils running 500m each.
The last race was P3. P3 pupils ran 300m each.

All of the teams must be made up of two boys and two girls. The runners must race in girl, boy, girl, boy order.
Kingsford had two teams in each event.

For many of the pupils competing, it was their first time at an event like this. Most of them, if not all, had participated in the Active Schools Fun Runs this year. However, many of the pupils found this a more intense and a faster paced race.

This is the second time Kingsford has attend the event, with two teams in each race. Where possible, different children were selected, from the previous relay event, so that more pupils have the chance to represent the school. It’s not always about selecting the fastest runners and winning at these events but giving more of our pupils a chance to experience something new and exciting.

Thank you to all of the parents/families for taking their child along and thank you to Wendy at Active Schools for organising the event.