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Cinderella Meets her Prince Charming at Kingsford

OH YES SHE DID! Thanks to the PTA for bringing the panto again this year to Kingsford! All the pupils from Nursery to P7 had a blast on Tuesday afternoon…

Team Jak’s pirate debut

Link to start of race video: The fearless Team Jak pirates team took their custom built boat for its debut on the grass at Hazelhead Park on Saturday the 29th…

The Book Fair is coming

The book fair will soon be returning to school. This has always proved to be a very popular event in the past and the fairs have been hailed a big…

We have survived…

After a fantastic week away we are all ready for home and our own beds. See you soon!

Day 3 in the CCC House

Another fantastic day at CCC even if the weather wasn’t great!! 🧗‍♀️🧗‍♂️

Day 2 – CCC

What a day this has been… Fantastic Actors & Actresses and lots of water fun!!

We have arrived!

We had a great time on our Moorland Walk and the rain didn’t put us off having fun (unlike the photos suggest)!! 😃

Fairtrade at Kingsford

The Kingsford Fairtade teams have been around all the classes and asked the children and teachers to look for Fairtrade products when out shopping AND bring in all wrappers with…