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All arrived at CCC

Everybody had lots of fun in the mud on our Moorland Walk. Very happy P7s and staff.

Room 10 visit Maritime Museum!!!

Room 10 visited the Maritime Museum, we arrived at the school at the normal time and we took the bus at 9;20 and we arrived at the museum around 9;35….

Feedback from our E-Safety and Residential Questionnaires

Thank you all very much for taking the time to fill in the E-Safety and Residential questionnaires. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us in planning next…

Room 10’s Outstanding Visit to Belmont Cinema

Last Thursday Room 10 went and visited the comfortable and relaxing cinema called Belmont Film House. Room 10 had a enjoyable time as they were watching a magnificent movie called Long Way…

We have arrived at Cromdale!

P6 arrived and we are having great fun in the sun! 🙂

Dundee Trip

On the 20th of April I was very excited at the morning because we were going to Dundee for our school trip. I woke up at 6:15am. The bus was…


The Exciting Trip!! I went to an exciting trip. I learnt about gravity and I made a helipad. I learnt about birds and sea creatures with super powers. Then we…