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Zài Lián Xì China!

This term our topic was China and for the past few weeks we have been learning about the Mid Autumn Festival. The Mid Autumn Festival is  festival of harvest and it is very important to the Chinese people. They celebrate it by floating lanterns into the sky and drifting it in the water. They also make Mooncakes and share it with family members. – Hannah

Lanterns are cool and they fly in the sky. We wrote Mid-Autumn Festival in Mandarin. – Cole 

The puppet dragons are really cool .The fire dragon dance is hard to do .We wrote in Mandarin. We tried mooncakes. – Mackenzie

We are at then end of the term and are finishing up our topic work. We have had a great time learning about China, and have learnt and made some really interesting things. Yesterday, we thought up all the things we learnt, and saw that we knew so much more now than we did at the beginning of term.  Let’s stay in touch, China!